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Daily Archives: 22 October, 2014


Protein Diet

A protein diet is one of many diets that can help with weight loss, depending on each individual person and their body types.

A diet plan that focuses on a high protein intake supposedly eases feelings of hunger through biological processes that occur due to an increase in hormones that get rid of the hunger pains. In addition to increased products of protein, this diet also requires a low-carb intake for the full effects to be felt.

Before undertaking any changes to your normal diet routine, it is always advisable to talk to a health professional.

Risks of a High Protein Diet

One important factor of the protein diet is that many foods rich in protein are also rich in fat, for example fatty meats or dairy products. It is important that when attempting a diet you should still worry about what you are eating and all the other different parts of your diet that will be effected. With a high protein intake, your metabolic rhythm is going to change and levels of different hormones will rise and fall. Make sure to monitor your health and stop the diet if anything feels wrong.

Benefits of a High Protein Diet

A protein diet can seem attractive to someone wanting to lose weight as it is quite easy to follow, proteins make you feel full and you will receive a boost in energy, however remember that any results due to temporary changes in the diet will provide short term results. A protein diet is not something you can keep up for more than a few weeks at most. Remember that to stay as healthy as possible, you need a balanced diet.

Protein Diet Plan

Here are a few suggested meals that are considered appropriate for a protein diet:

  • Oatmeal with skimmed milk and fruit
  • Turkey sandwich with salad and mixed vegetables
  • Grilled salmon fillet with brown rice
  • Whole wheat pasta with any type of lean meat

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Balanced Diet

No need to overthink, most of the time a balanced diet is the only diet that you need, forget the other diets that require this and that, and have too many demands – keep it simple!

In moderation, a balanced diet includes all the different food groups, regular exercise, and drinking lots of water. This is the basic diet plan structure so that your body can receive everything it needs in the healthiest way and weight loss occurs steadily rather than rapidly.

If ever in doubt about what diet to try or which is the best, you can never go wrong with a balanced diet.

Why a Balanced Diet is Important

In order for your body to funtion properly, it needs appropriate amounts of everything. It requires the correct nutrition to work effectively, this is something not all diets can promise. Every different type of food has a specific advantage for your body – yes, even fatty and sugary foods! The important thing is to consume the right amount.

Balanced Diet Plan

A balanced diet plan should include the following types of food:

  • Fruit: for vitamins and nutrients
  • Vegetable: for minerals and vitamins
  • Protein: for strength and body development
  • Dairy: for calcium, vitamin D and nutrients
  • Starch: for fibre, vitamins and minerals
  • Sugar: for energy and glucose