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Daily Archives: 23 October, 2014


Grapefruit Diet

The grapefruit diet is a famous American diet that has lasted for many decades. It is based on claims that the citrus fruit contains an enzyme that helps burn fat, persuading dieters that they can achieve considerable weight loss in 10-12 days.

Although grapefruit can be counted as one of your five-a-day, as a citrus fruit it can be harmful to consume it in excess. This diet plan should be avoided by those allergic to citrus fruits or those who take regular medication that could potentially be dangerous when mixed with the acid from the grapefruit.

Many diets come with a few health risks so it is always advisable to speak to a doctor before starting any diet plans.

What is the Grapefruit Diet?

The grapefruit diet plan consists of consuming 1/2 a grapefruit at the beginning of any meal in the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. According to experts, it will only be effective if eaten beforehand because the enzymes in the grapefruit will activate burning the fat from your meal.

The diet plan advises you not to cut out anything from your diet except sugars and starch; you can eat as much as you want and until you are feeling full. It also recommends that you avoid snacking in between meals.

In substitute for eating grapefruit before every meal, some variations of the grapefruit diet suggest drinking grapefruit juice during every meal.



Lose Weight in a Week

If you are trying to lose wight rapidly, there are a few measures you can take to do this in a safe manner. Instead of having rules and regulations like other diets that are out there, we have a list of suggestions to help you with weight loss that will simple entail watching what you eat more carefully.

For people with specific dietary requirements or health problems, talk to your doctor or a health professional before making any changes in your daily routine that could affect your body. Visit out weight loss tips for further information.

Best Way to Lose Weight

These weight loss suggestions are extremely useful to stay healthy, and do not necessarily have to only be for a week. To trial out the changes to your normal eating routine, 7 days is a good starting point and you should be able to see a difference.

  • Drink water: try to cut out other sugary drinks that could be high in calories
  • Eliminate starch: for quick results get rid of white-grain products
  • Cut out sugar: stay away from products that are high in sugar (this includes tempting desserts!)
  • Protein as a main ingredient: each meal should include a protein source (meat/fish/egg), a fat source (olive oil/butter) and a low-carb vegetable (broccoli/spinach/lettuce/cucumber)
  • Keep active: exercise 3-4 times a week, get enough sleep, keep your body fit and healthy

Weight Loss Tips

If you want to lose weight in a week and are just looking for a quick fix then look at one of our weight loss diets. If you are trying to improve on your body and lead a healthy lifestyle then read on.

Some diets can be good for you and help you realise what you should be eating, but the best way to lose weight is not to do it as quick as possible, but to create a lifestyle regime that you can stick to. Weight loss is something that should be taken seriously and discussed before making any changes to your lifestyle.

Healthy Eating

Here are some health tips you can apply to you daily diet:

  • Water, water water – it has no calories, endless positive effects and you can add fruit and vegetables to make it good for detoxing (e.g. water with fresh lemon, water with mint and strawberry etc)
  • Cut out white grain – switch to eating brown bread, whole wheat pasta etc…
  • Healthy meals – try to include one protein (meat/fish/egg), one fat source (butter/oilve oil) and one low-carb vegetable (broccoli/cauliflower/spinach/kale) in each meal
  • Substitute your favourite things – make subtle changes to meals you love, for example if you enjoy greasy pizza try making homemade pizza on a thin base with healthier toppings

Healthy Exercise

Here are some active tips for exersing to improve your lifestyle:

  • Cardio activity – half an hour cardio workouts a day, or 3-4 longer workouts a week
  • Simple exercises – create a puch-up or sit-up routine before bed and when you wake up
  • Try something new – go to a yoga class, go for a run on the beach, rock climbing etc…
  • Stretching is important – before and after exercise, or simply at home to keep your muscles activated

Extra Advice

A few simple things that might help you to stay healthy and lose weight:

  • Get a good nights sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Try eating on a smaller plate – might be pyschological but is proven to help you dish smaller portions that still fill you
  • Add healthy foods rather than subtracting parts of your diet
  • Think about alternative exercise – washing the car, throwing a frisbee with your dog, playing with your children in the park, anything that keeps you active without being strenuous
  • When eating out, perhaps share a few lighter plates rather than having a full meal to yourself



Soup Diet

The soup diet, or also known as the cabbage soup diet, is another one of the diets that promise rapid weight loss. It is considered to be a low-fat, high fibre diet and usually has a diet plan for a week.

It is sometimes described as a good, warm-up diet before embarking on something more serious or a more detailed eating plan to stay healthy or lose weight.

Always make sure to speak to a health professional before deciding to dramatically change your eating routine, and this advice is especially crucial for those that have any particular type of health problem.

Pros and Cons of the Soup Diet

Remember that this diet plan should only be followed for one week and no longer! The attractiveness of the soup diet is in the rapid weight loss some people feel after their 7 days are over. However, most diets do only produce short term results so be careful with how you feel and how you eat after finishing the soup diet plan. You can start to feel dizzy and weak as the soup diet cuts out other important factors and instead focuses on one thing, cabbage soup, that can be quite bland.

Soup Diet Recipe

The cabbage soup should make up at least 2 of your meals a day, if not all, with added exceptions allowed each day. For example, one day you are permitted to eat fruit, the next vegetables, the next leafy greens and so on. It is important to keep drinking water to stay hydrated, at least 5 glasses a day. The cabbage soup is quite simple to make: using chicken or vegetable broth, cabbage, tomatoes/peppers/onions, salt and pepper, extra herbs and spices if you wish.