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Daily Archives: 18 November, 2014


Pre Workout Tips

Before any type of exercise, a pre-workout routine is essential to prepare your body for the activity you are about to do. Whether it is a mixture of fitness exercises or one of our many workouts, your muscles need to be activated and ready to work through a pre workout.

One way in making sure your body is prepared is to eat well with a pre workout meal – check out some fitness food that is good for you! The other way is to stretch your muscles and ease your body into your workout with the best pre-workout.

The following are answers to some common pre workout questions.

What are the benefits of a pre workout?

A warm-up will aim to loosen the muscles and increase blood flow which is proven to help avoid muscle injuries. The pre workout will reduce muscle stiffness which in turn increases performance and the recovery process. The pre workout exercises that you engage in should aim to gradually prepare your heart for the activity you are about to do, which will also increase blood flow and overall health and energy levels.

Are there any risks to a pre workout?

If a pre workout is not carried out correctly then there are many dangers you need to be aware of. Muscle injury can easily occur if you only focus on certain parts of your body during the warm-up rather than your body as a whole. It is also important to keep the pre workout light and quick, avoid using workout exercises or spending too much time on the pre workout than your actul workout. This can lead to over-exhaustion of muscles and decreased performance levels.

Pre Workout vs Post Workout

Similar to the pre workout, a post workout will last about 5-10 minutes after your workout period to help relax your muscles and decrease body temperature and heart rate. Drastic changes between intense workouts and relaxing is very dangerous which is why warming up and cooling down is extremely important, and both equally necessary.


Pre Workout Meal

Before exercising, your pre workout meal can play an important role as your pre workout itself is vital when undergoing exercise of any level of intensity. As always, the fitness food you eat and whether you have a healthy diet, can give you an extra advantage when trying to improve your fitness.

You should be aware of your fitness nutrition if you are thinking about choosing one of our workouts, and generally speaking it is good to have a balanced diet and watch how you are eating. Have a look at some of our healthy diet recipes by visiting our diets page, and see the information below on further pre workout meal advice.

Pre Workout Meal Ideas

It is often advisable that before a pre workout you should not have a heavy meal. The best time to eat, is around 1-2 hours before exercising:

  • Omelette with vegetables: good breakfast option, include as many vegetables as you like such as peppers, mushrooms or tomato
  • Turkey leaf wrap: roasted turkey or cold turkey, add spinach leaves or lettuce, include other vegetables too
  • Oatmeal with fruit and nuts: nuts make a great addition, almonds, sesame seeds, cashews
  • Grilled chicken with vegetables: grilled or roasted chicken, use as little butter/oil, steamed vegetables such as brocoli

Exercising on an empty stomach is dangerous and you need food to fuel your workout without being full.

Pre Workout Snacks

Pre Workout Meal

Sometimes before a workout you might start hearing your stomach rumble, a pre workout snack is always a good idea to avoid exercising while hungry:

  • Sweet and spicy trail mix: a mixture of nuts and seeds, add spices how you like, can be sweet or salty or a mixture
  • Yogurt with fresh berries or other fruit: fresh fruit is preferable, blueberries are a good choice
  • Apple slices with yogurt and peanut butter dip: greek yogurt or low-fat yogurt mixed with one tablespoon of peanut butter
  • Fruit and nut bars: these can be bought from any local supermarket
  • Hummus on wholemeal toast: hummus can be spiced to your preference, add lemon or coriander for flavour

Pre Workout Drinks

Liquids are just as important as solid foods when it comes to your pre workout:

  • Smoothies: use yogurt and fresh fruit, bananas, rasperries, orange juice and whatever you enjoy
  • Protein shakes: seek professional advice on what is best for your body type and how to take it
  • Water: important to stay hydrated at all times, not just when working out
  • Fresh fruit juice: left-over fruit in the fridge? blend it, mixing different fruits if you want

Have a look at our pre workout tips for some further information.



Best Pre Workout

Preparing your body for exercise and workouts should be a routine thought for those concerned about fitness. To avoide injuries, it is essential to warm up your body before starting a workout. The best way to do this is with a pre workout routine that stretched your muscles and increases your heart rate to get blood flowing around your body.

Many fitness experts will have a different idea of what is the best pre workout routine, however, a pre workout should focus on warming up your whole body and not just specific parts.

Best Pre Workout Routine

Here are some suggestions of exercises to include in your pre workout routine. Make sure to get every inch of your body warming up, and remember that this is NOT a workout, no intense activity is needed!

  • Jumping rope: about 2 minutes of light skipping gets your heart rate pumping
  • Star jumps/jumping jacks: try setting a time limit of 30 seconds and push yourself to see how many you can do
  • Lunges: these can be walking or still, with light weights or without
  • Leg and arm swings: forwards and sideways to activate those joints
  • Hip and shoulder rotations: work on your flexibility to avoid injuries
  • Squats: practise your balance whilst stretching

Your pre workout should correlate to your length of workout, for an average workout routine try not to spend longer than 10 minutes on a pre workout. If you know you are going to be exercising for longer than 1 hour, extend your pre workout length accordingly.

Some extra pre workout advice would be to make sure you drink plenty of water and keep hydrated, do not workout when you are tired and make sure you organise a great music playlist beforehand to avoid injuries trying to pick a song!

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Kettlebell Workout Routine

kettlebell workout routine is the perfect way to exercise, whether it is part of a larger and longer fitness routine or as a simple and short workout. Many workouts will require strict planning or rules, but the kettlebell workout is flexible and there are several different activities to trial out.

Remember, with this type or workout routine you can alter and change it to how you want. Whether you want a quick 10 minute workout in the morning, or an hour-intense workout in the evening. Include any fitness exercises that you enjoy and personalise your kettlebell workout with our suggestions.

Kettlebell Training Routines

Depending on your specific workout goals, your kettlebell workout routine should reflect this. For weight loss, you might want to include some more intense kettlebell exercises, and for toning your body you might want to include a sporting activity such as running or swimming alongside it.

  • Kettlebell Only Workout: choose your time limit (10 minutes, 20 minutes, 1 hour), choose which kettlebell exercises you want to do, alternate between your chosen exercises by doing 1 or 2 sets of each, take rests between sets depending on the length of your workout (30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes)
  • Take 5 Workout: choose 5 fitness exercises with 3 kettlebell and 2 non-kettlebell (lunges, squats, push-ups), alternate between the two types by doing sets of each (10 reps kettlebell, 15 reps non-kettlebell) with 30 seconds rest between
  • 10 and Walk Workout: choose your kettlebell exercises, 10 repetitions of the kettlebell with 30 seconds of walking lunges between each exercise
  • Kettlebell Ladder Workout: choose your exercises (only kettlebell or a mixture), start of with 5 repetitions of one exercise, rest for 20 seconds, 10 repetitions of the next, rest and 15 repetitions of the next, slowly increasing intensity and then work backwords decreasing intensity
  • Double Trouble Workout: combinations of kettlebell exercises requiring two kettlebells and a normal fitness exercises (e.g double squat + push ups, double lunge + squats, double windmill + lunges)

Have a look at some tips and advice on our kettlebell workout tips page.


Kettlebell Exercises

There is a huge variety of kettlebell exercises to choose from, whether you are wanting to do a kettlebell workout alone or as part of another one of our workouts. The kettlebell is a great piece of exercise equipment for your fitness as it can work many different parts of your body at the same time, building and toning muscle.

As a workout routine, you can be very flexible with kettlebell exercises, picking and choosing which ones you like and how many repetitions you think are appropriate. They can be included as a pre workout to any other fitness exercises or you can fit them into a busy schedule if you only have 10 minutes to workout.

Kettlebell Exercise Examples

These are a few suggested kettlebell workout exercises that can be done in repetitions (10 each with 30 seconds break) or you can choose one you like to be part of a larger workout:

  • Ketllebell Windmill: holding the kettlebell overhead with one hand, turn your feet at a 45 degrees angle away from the weight, bend over bringing your opposite arm to touch your toes with your head facing the weight
  • Kettlebell Single-Arm Squat: in squat position, bend your arm holding the kettlebell up to your neck with the other arm held out straight, hold for 15 seconds
  • Kettlebell Swing: holding the kettlebell with two hands, bend your knees pushing the kettlebell between your legs behind you and then up until your arms are held out in front of you
  • Kettlebell Lunge Press: holding the kettlebell up to your chest with your hands gripping the side of the handle, lunge whilst raising your hands directly above your head with the kettlebell
  • Kettlebell Floor Press: lying on your back with a kettlebell in each hand, bend one arm towards your chest and raise it for a minimum of 5 seconds then alternate
  • Kettlebell Halo: feet hip distance apart, hold the kettlebell up to your chest with it upside down and gripping the sides of the handle, bring the kettlebell to your right cheek and slowly circle it around your head for 60 seconds, alternating direction

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