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Author: Nabihah Parkar

Balanced Diet

No need to overthink, most of the time a balanced diet is the only diet that you need, forget the other diets that require this and that, and have too many demands – keep it simple!

In moderation, a balanced diet includes all the different food groups, regular exercise, and drinking lots of water. This is the basic diet plan structure so that your body can receive everything it needs in the healthiest way and weight loss occurs steadily rather than rapidly.

If ever in doubt about what diet to try or which is the best, you can never go wrong with a balanced diet.

Why a Balanced Diet is Important

In order for your body to funtion properly, it needs appropriate amounts of everything. It requires the correct nutrition to work effectively, this is something not all diets can promise. Every different type of food has a specific advantage for your body – yes, even fatty and sugary foods! The important thing is to consume the right amount.

Balanced Diet Plan

A balanced diet plan should include the following types of food:

  • Fruit: for vitamins and nutrients
  • Vegetable: for minerals and vitamins
  • Protein: for strength and body development
  • Dairy: for calcium, vitamin D and nutrients
  • Starch: for fibre, vitamins and minerals
  • Sugar: for energy and glucose

Vegan Diet

Taking on a vegan diet can be tough if you have never done it before. Here you will find plenty of information on how to eat on a vegan diet.

The length of this diet plan is up to you as there are many people who decide to permanently eat vegan foods. However, if this is one of many diets you wish to simply trial and see how it makes you feel, then we would recommend you challenge yourself for a week on the vegan diet.

As the vegan population starts to grow, vegan foods are becoming easier to find. Most restaurants will have at least one vegan option, while you can also find specific places that cater to only vegan foods. Supermarkets are also stocking increasingly more options for your vegan diet.

Benefits of a Vegan Diet

Many people decide to go vegan in order to prevent animal exploitation, however, this is not the only benefit. A vegan diet is extremely good for your health as the nutrients in vegan products tend to be low in saturated fat and high in fibre and antioxidants. This means you are building up your body’s defense mechanism against disease and illness, whilst also managing to increase your energy and vitamin count.

What to Eat on a Vegan Diet

This list of meal suggestions for your vegan diet can be used for any of the main meals in the day, or if you want a light snack at anytime. Make sure when buying your products to check first if they are vegan friendly.

  • Oatmeal with fresh fruit/nuts/dried fruits/chocolate
  • Tomato lentil soup
  • Hummus and sliced vegetables (e.g. cucumber/carrot)
  • Cous-cous and bean stew
  • Cereals with almond milk
  • Spinach salad with avocado and butternut squash
  • Soy yogurt with granola
  • Crackers with tofu
  • Whole-wheat pasta with roasted vegetables

Remember that this is a very simple guide, feel free to add and remove any ingredients according to your personal preferences. Click here for information on weight loss.