Preparing your body for exercise and workouts should be a routine thought for those concerned about fitness. To avoide injuries, it is essential to warm up your body before starting a workout. The best way to do this is with a pre workout routine that stretched your muscles and increases your heart rate to get blood flowing around your body.

Many fitness experts will have a different idea of what is the best pre workout routine, however, a pre workout should focus on warming up your whole body and not just specific parts.

Best Pre Workout Routine

Here are some suggestions of exercises to include in your pre workout routine. Make sure to get every inch of your body warming up, and remember that this is NOT a workout, no intense activity is needed!

  • Jumping rope: about 2 minutes of light skipping gets your heart rate pumping
  • Star jumps/jumping jacks: try setting a time limit of 30 seconds and push yourself to see how many you can do
  • Lunges: these can be walking or still, with light weights or without
  • Leg and arm swings: forwards and sideways to activate those joints
  • Hip and shoulder rotations: work on your flexibility to avoid injuries
  • Squats: practise your balance whilst stretching

Your pre workout should correlate to your length of workout, for an average workout routine try not to spend longer than 10 minutes on a pre workout. If you know you are going to be exercising for longer than 1 hour, extend your pre workout length accordingly.

Some extra pre workout advice would be to make sure you drink plenty of water and keep hydrated, do not workout when you are tired and make sure you organise a great music playlist beforehand to avoid injuries trying to pick a song!

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