A preconception to weight loss is that you can only lose weight through extreme methods – this is incorrect. In order to successfully lose weight, you must be dedicated and focused on your health and maintaining the appropriate amounts of vitamins, fibre and fat.

If you are planning or thinking about different methods of weight loss, first check with a doctor that you are in a healthy state to do so and that the plan you choose will not harm your body. Have a look at some of our diets.

Losing Weight

This information should help you when thinking about weight loss programs or simply staying healthy in general:

Weight Loss Diets

Here are some suggested weight loss diets that focus on limiting parts of a balanced diet and are aimed at those looking to lose weight:

Healthy Recipes

These suggestions of healthy meal recipes are an excelllent starting point for anyone trying to improve their health or weight loss. If you are on a specific diet you will need to check the requirements for what you are permitted to eat.