Dumbbells are a popular piece of exercise equipment and the dumbbell workout is simple and great to follow. As with other workouts, you need to assess your own abilities or seek professional advice if you are unsure about anything from how intense to workout to what are the right exercises for you.

As far as fitness goes, the dumbbell workout specifically builds, tones and strengthens muscle and can be used to even out imbalances or for weight loss.

How many reps to do in my dumbbell workout?

The possibilities are numerous and will all depend on your fitness levels and goals. For toning muscle do 6-10 reps, for building muscle 8-12 reps and for extreme muscle strength 12-20 reps. The larger the amount of reps, the less sets you should be doing to avoid straining your muscles. The heavier the dumbbell weight, the less reps you should be doing to maximise the effect. To get the correct dumbbell mass you might need to trial and error, your last 2-3 reps should be a struggle but not a strain.

How heavy should my dumbbell weights be?

If you are a beginner, getting the right dumbbell weight might take a few tries to feel what is right. Always speak to a professional trainer if you are completely stuck. Generall speaking, starting off with weights betwene 5-15 pounds or 2-7kg should give you some idea of your strength. If doing 20 or less reps with your dumbbell weights is a challenge, you are close to the ideal weight. Multiple sets of fewer repetitions builds strength while more repetitions builds endurancd.

Dumbell or Barbell


Dumbell vs Barbell

These two pieces of workout equipment each have their benefits and disadvantages. You should have a go at using both and see which one you are more comfortable with and try different exercises with each to feel which one is better. In general, the dumbbell is good for beginners, it is more stable and it is safer and helps balance different muscle strengths. The barbell is good for exercising your legs, going to heavier weights and doing more adventurous exercises.

Can I do a dumbbell workout on the treadmill?

Yes you can! But be aware that it may cause a safety hazard. Adding weights to a cardio workout is a great way of combining two exercises in one in less time, and is a great way to build and improve your workout. There are two main ways to do this: at the same time or with intervals. If you want to add weights to jogging or running, do not go higher than 5lbs – heavy weights strain your back! For a combination workout, run/jog for 2-5 minutes and stop to complete one set of a dumbbell exercise and repeat. Always remember to do a pre workout and cool down.