When it comes to weight loss, it is not always just about the diets but you have to take into consideration the way you will be exercising and keeping fit.

Eercising helps to burn calories, build muscle and strengthen our bodies which is why it is good for us not only to lose weight but also to maintain our health.

Weight Loss Exercises

The following suggestions are simple activities for weight loss that you can do anytime of the day and for how long you wish to do them, there are no strict rules and can be adapted however you like:

  • Running: although such a simple idea, it helps you tone your all parts of your body at the same time, try alternating in speeds and surface for best results
  • Skipping (jumping rope): extremely good for your stomach, fun as well as hard work, view specific examples if you are interested but normal skipping is just as good
  • Swimming: this can be combined with other exercises to create a routine or simply on its own
  • Cycling: very effective for weight loss
  • Squats: a very simple exercise to help you lose fat in certain areas
  • Sports: playing a sport you enjoy will always help with weight loss, for example tennis, football, basketball etc…

Weight Loss Workouts

These exercise routines are recommended for people who already workout on a regular basis or have experience in different exercise activities, they are very effective for weight loss:

  • A countdown workout: using dumbbells or kettlebells, do 15 repetitions of the kettlebell/dumbbell swing followed by 15 repeptitions of the squat thrust, immediately move onto doing 14 reps of each then 13 and so on without taking breaks
  • High intensity interval training: choose your exercise/activity (running, cycling, weights…) and start with a 5 minute warm-up, the workout lasts 20 minutes long alternating between 1 minute high intensity and 1 minute slow, ending with 3 minutes cool-down
  • V-Crunch abs: a simple workout that can be combined with other exercises if you wish, burns stomach fat, 12 repetitions followed by a 30 second rest and repeated 3 times
  • Speedy upper body workout: use dumbbells or weights of your choice, 10 reps of an exercise followed by 20 seconds rest, repeat three times or include within another routine or combined with other exercises