Is Pilates suitable for you?


The great thing about Pilates is that workouts can be tailored to any age, capability or fitness level. The basic positions of Pilates are simple and easy to learn and provide a good basic knowledge for the more advanced positions. People with less mobility can make the most of the mat work that primarily uses sitting, lying and standing positions. As the movements are gentle and slow each person can find a pace comfortable for them. It is suitable for anyone who wants to improve posture, stability, muscle tone and mentality.


Pilates for back pain

Pilates helps strengthen the weak muscles and stretch those which are tense. In regards to the spine this helps the back improve in both posture and health. Over time, habits that could potentially damage the spine are replaced as the awareness of one’s body increases and the positions that promote neutral alignment become habitual.


Pilates for athletes

Many athletes practice Pilates to compliment their training regime. Cardio is good for weight loss but it is necessary to create supple and strengthened muscles in order to succeed. The New Zealand All Blacks are advocates of the method. It helps to prepare the body to cope better with injury and to develop higher levels of stamina, strength and co-ordination so performance is at a peak level. Every athlete has to warm-up before taking part in a sport/event and Pilates is just a developed series of stretches.


Remember experienced tutors can personalise workouts so that the exercise is custom-made toward the individual to maximise long term benefits.