There are 4 major tennis tournaments, known as the Grand Slams, that are the most important events of the tennis calendar. They offer the biggest prize money as well as the biggest crowd and media coverage. They are:

  • The Australian Open (mid-January) – Hard Courts
  • The French Open (May/June) – Clay Courts
  • Wimbledon (June/July) – Grass Courts
  • US Open (August/September) – Hard Courts


A tennis player achieves a ‘Grand Slam’ when he/she wins each of the 4 tournaments in the same calendar year. The only players to win a Grand Slam (singles) are:

  • Don Budge (1938)
  • Maureen Connolly (1953)
  • Rod Laver (1962 & 1969)
  • Margaret Smith Court (1970)
  • Steffi Graf (1988)


Other important tennis tournaments include the Olympics, the ATP (mens) and WTA (womens) Tours and the Masters 1000 Tours.