The grapefruit diet is a famous American diet that has lasted for many decades. It is based on claims that the citrus fruit contains an enzyme that helps burn fat, persuading dieters that they can achieve considerable weight loss in 10-12 days.

Although grapefruit can be counted as one of your five-a-day, as a citrus fruit it can be harmful to consume it in excess. This diet plan should be avoided by those allergic to citrus fruits or those who take regular medication that could potentially be dangerous when mixed with the acid from the grapefruit.

Many diets come with a few health risks so it is always advisable to speak to a doctor before starting any diet plans.

What is the Grapefruit Diet?

The grapefruit diet plan consists of consuming 1/2 a grapefruit at the beginning of any meal in the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. According to experts, it will only be effective if eaten beforehand because the enzymes in the grapefruit will activate burning the fat from your meal.

The diet plan advises you not to cut out anything from your diet except sugars and starch; you can eat as much as you want and until you are feeling full. It also recommends that you avoid snacking in between meals.

In substitute for eating grapefruit before every meal, some variations of the grapefruit diet suggest drinking grapefruit juice during every meal.