Origin of netball

Netball originated from basketball and developed as the number of women participating in sport increased.

In 1893 a physical training college in Hampstead, London established a women’s basketball team which incorporated the rules from women’s basketball in the United States. Later, they changed the rules of the game as well as the equipment, replacing the basketball net with a ring attached to a post.


After the first set of rules were published in 1901, netball was introduced to other countries within the British Empire. The popularity of the game increased rapidly and was played in schools throughout the Empire. In 1963 the first international tournament was held in Eastbourne, England.

A variation of netball called Fast5 Netball has emerged in 2008.


In the late 1980’s men’s netball emerged in Australia and by 2006 both men’s and mixed netball is played all around the world.