It is believed that the earliest appearance of the tennis that we play today can be traced back to a 12th Century game devised by French monks called ‘jeu de paume’ which means game of the hand where they would hit the ball to one another using the palm of their hand. It was in the 16th Century that the racket was introduced.¬†The game soon spread from France to England where Henry VII and Henry VIII promoted the building of courts as they enjoyed the sport so much.

It was not until the Victorian prosperity of 19th Century England that the game of tennis recognised today began to take shape. It became popular with the upper classes and outdoor courts were built in the grounds of stately homes. In 1877 the first tennis tournament was organised by the All England Club using a rectangular court, a net and service boxes. By 1882 the specifications of the game had evolved into their current form.

Why is Tennis still popular today?

Tennis is now a billion dollar industry that is played across the globe and is ranked in the top 5 of the most popular sports worldwide. It is physically demanding, mentally stimulating and has some of the best athletes in the world as ambassadors…

Tennis in popular culture!