kettlebell workout routine is the perfect way to exercise, whether it is part of a larger and longer fitness routine or as a simple and short workout. Many workouts will require strict planning or rules, but the kettlebell workout is flexible and there are several different activities to trial out.

Remember, with this type or workout routine you can alter and change it to how you want. Whether you want a quick 10 minute workout in the morning, or an hour-intense workout in the evening. Include any fitness exercises that you enjoy and personalise your kettlebell workout with our suggestions.

Kettlebell Training Routines

Depending on your specific workout goals, your kettlebell workout routine should reflect this. For weight loss, you might want to include some more intense kettlebell exercises, and for toning your body you might want to include a sporting activity such as running or swimming alongside it.

  • Kettlebell Only Workout: choose your time limit (10 minutes, 20 minutes, 1 hour), choose which kettlebell exercises you want to do, alternate between your chosen exercises by doing 1 or 2 sets of each, take rests between sets depending on the length of your workout (30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes)
  • Take 5 Workout: choose 5 fitness exercises with 3 kettlebell and 2 non-kettlebell (lunges, squats, push-ups), alternate between the two types by doing sets of each (10 reps kettlebell, 15 reps non-kettlebell) with 30 seconds rest between
  • 10 and Walk Workout: choose your kettlebell exercises, 10 repetitions of the kettlebell with 30 seconds of walking lunges between each exercise
  • Kettlebell Ladder Workout: choose your exercises (only kettlebell or a mixture), start of with 5 repetitions of one exercise, rest for 20 seconds, 10 repetitions of the next, rest and 15 repetitions of the next, slowly increasing intensity and then work backwords decreasing intensity
  • Double Trouble Workout: combinations of kettlebell exercises requiring two kettlebells and a normal fitness exercises (e.g double squat + push ups, double lunge + squats, double windmill + lunges)

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