Many people have doubts and questions about the kettlebell. The kettlebell workout is a great way to exercise and improve your fitness. It has also been acknowledged for having weight loss advantages, although this is not a guarantee and will depend upon your lifestyle. Another positive is that there is a large variety of kettlebell exercises to choose from and try out.

Comparing the kettlebell workout to other workouts, some people want to know more about the benefits and risks as this specific exercise has become more popular in recent years. See below our answers to some common questions about the kettlebell.

What are the benefits of a kettlebell workout?

It is quite common for people to wonder what is so special about the kettlebell and why can’t you just use ordinary dumbbells. Although dumbbells are popular, the shape of a kettlebell brings added workout benefits. Your grip is improved and strengthened due to the thicker handles and in addition to this, your core area gets a tougher workout due to the positioning of the handle in relation to the weight.

How many calories does the kettlebell workout burn?

One study in particular, carried out by the American Council of Exercise, showed that in a 20 minute kettlebell workout around 400 calories were burned. This means that appoximately 20 calories are burned in one minute of doing kettlebell exercises. Although other studies showed varied results, they do all agree that the kettlebell is a good way of burning calories.

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Can you do the kettlebell workout during pregnancy?

Exercise during pregnancy has been seen as a positive thing in recent years, however, any type of exercise or physical activity should first be discussed with your doctor or a health professional especially when you are pregnant. As everyone has different physical and fitness levels, being able to carry out a kettlebell workout will depend on eahc individual. The general rule is to keep exercise at low intensities during pregnancy and depending on how active you were beforehand.

Where to get kettlebell workouts online?

Whether you are searching for kettlebell workout videos, images or advice, it is quite easy to find what you are looking for online. YouTube is a great place to start for step-by-step videos. Another good source is fitness magazine websites that will cater to gender, age and even pregnancy. If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, try searching your local gym’s website or online media as mainstream gyms will usually have their own workout videos or help.