Despite there being several different versions of the liquid diet, they all consist of shakes or smoothies to replace either all your meals or simply a few. Some liquid diet plans will restrict your food consumption to only fruits and vegetables, while others will have fewer limitations.

Diets can be dangerous so it is always good to do research beforehand and talk to a medical professional if possible, especially if your reason for the diet is to do with weight loss.

For some people, liquid diets are recommended before or after surgeries and can include soft foods in addition. Make sure that you are keeping up with your daily calorie count when planning your liquid diet.

Liquid Diet Risks

Some liquid diets will dramatically alter your calorie intake so make sure that you are somehow substituting this or adding in solid foods between drinks. It is also not recommendable for people who already have health problems or are pregnant as there will be certain nutrients or proteins you need to be eating everyday. A balanced diet requires healthy nutrition intake, so if you feel any side effects (dizziness, constipation, drowsiness, gallstones) see a doctor immediately and stop the diet.

Liquid Diet Recipes

These liquid diet meal ideas may or may not be applicable to your chosen type of diet plan, however, to stay healthy and eat well these ideas are good to keep in mind:

  • Blueberry, banana and yogurt smoothie
  • Greek feta and yogurt dip
  • Hot apple and cinnamon oatmeal
  • Mango, coconut and mint smoothie
  • Roasted cauliflower and chestnut soup
  • Black bean soup with assorted vegetables
  • Kale, ginger and lemon juice
  • Smashed avocado and egg