Before any type of exercise, a pre-workout routine is essential to prepare your body for the activity you are about to do. Whether it is a mixture of fitness exercises or one of our many workouts, your muscles need to be activated and ready to work through a pre workout.

One way in making sure your body is prepared is to eat well with a pre workout meal – check out some fitness food that is good for you! The other way is to stretch your muscles and ease your body into your workout with the best pre-workout.

The following are answers to some common pre workout questions.

What are the benefits of a pre workout?

A warm-up will aim to loosen the muscles and increase blood flow which is proven to help avoid muscle injuries. The pre workout will reduce muscle stiffness which in turn increases performance and the recovery process. The pre workout exercises that you engage in should aim to gradually prepare your heart for the activity you are about to do, which will also increase blood flow and overall health and energy levels.

Are there any risks to a pre workout?

If a pre workout is not carried out correctly then there are many dangers you need to be aware of. Muscle injury can easily occur if you only focus on certain parts of your body during the warm-up rather than your body as a whole. It is also important to keep the pre workout light and quick, avoid using workout exercises or spending too much time on the pre workout than your actul workout. This can lead to over-exhaustion of muscles and decreased performance levels.

Pre Workout vs Post Workout

Similar to the pre workout, a post workout will last about 5-10 minutes after your workout period to help relax your muscles and decrease body temperature and heart rate. Drastic changes between intense workouts and relaxing is very dangerous which is why warming up and cooling down is extremely important, and both equally necessary.