What do I need to play tennis?

Balls, grips, racquet and strings are a good start. Clothing should be easy to move in and trainers are a must. Some tennis players are reknown for their fashion taste on court however as long as you can move freely in the clothing it is suitable.


The basics…

Singles game

  • The server is decided by the toss of a coin before the start of the match
  • The server must stand behind the baseline and inbetween the centre line and singles sideline (single sideline = narrow court)
  • The server serves for the entire game, not just the first point
  • Service must be delivered diagonally to the opponents side of the court
  • The server has 2 attempts to serve (a fault = the ball touches the net, the server steps on the baseline…)
  • After every point the server swaps to the other box (i.e right to left)

The Court


Standard Game

A tennis match can be the best of three sets (first player to win two sets wins the match) or the best of 5 sets (first player to win 3 sets, wins the match). A player wins a set when he wins six games (provided he has defeated his opponent by at least two games).

Points          Score Called

0              =           Love

1              =           15

2              =            30

3              =            40

4              =         Game