The soup diet, or also known as the cabbage soup diet, is another one of the diets that promise rapid weight loss. It is considered to be a low-fat, high fibre diet and usually has a diet plan for a week.

It is sometimes described as a good, warm-up diet before embarking on something more serious or a more detailed eating plan to stay healthy or lose weight.

Always make sure to speak to a health professional before deciding to dramatically change your eating routine, and this advice is especially crucial for those that have any particular type of health problem.

Pros and Cons of the Soup Diet

Remember that this diet plan should only be followed for one week and no longer! The attractiveness of the soup diet is in the rapid weight loss some people feel after their 7 days are over. However, most diets do only produce short term results so be careful with how you feel and how you eat after finishing the soup diet plan. You can start to feel dizzy and weak as the soup diet cuts out other important factors and instead focuses on one thing, cabbage soup, that can be quite bland.

Soup Diet Recipe

The cabbage soup should make up at least 2 of your meals a day, if not all, with added exceptions allowed each day. For example, one day you are permitted to eat fruit, the next vegetables, the next leafy greens and so on. It is important to keep drinking water to stay hydrated, at least 5 glasses a day. The cabbage soup is quite simple to make: using chicken or vegetable broth, cabbage, tomatoes/peppers/onions, salt and pepper, extra herbs and spices if you wish.