Running is one of the most versatile and popular sports available. It burns more calories per minute than any other form of cardiovascular exercise and can be practiced almost anywhere… As long as you have a pair of trainers and a safe route there is nothing to stop you!

The benefits of running…



  •  Take the first step and begin running. Running for beginners is designed for those who have never tried to run or those without practice.
  • Do you want some advice on how to improve your running? We have tips on techniques, diet and finding the motivation that will help you train to become a better runner.
  • Take note of the common injuries and ways to prevent them happening to you.
  • Trainers are a runners best friend so it is important to choose a pair suited to you. If you are sprinter, long-distance runner or you like to go for casual jogs there are different styles of trainers that can enhance your performance if you choose correctly.
  • Need some motivation? Create a playlist dedicated to songs that can help you run faster and further!