Swimming is an extremely popular hobby, activity and professional sport that is practised all around the world. Not only is it great for your fitness or weight loss, swimming is a great pass-time that pumps up your heart rate and gets you to be active whilst also having fun in the water. Whether you need to know about swimming for beginners or want more information on the types of strokes involved, you’ll be sure to find useful information here. For the pro-swimmers out there, check out our swimming workouts for some fresh ideas.

To reap the swimming benefits, it is vital to make sure you have the right technique. By reading through the different swimming techniques and tips on offer, you will be going for it like a fish in water! Swimming is such a great activity, from family fun to individual competitions, from bodybuilders to children, so be sure to get involved.

Make sure to check out some extra information, such as the debate on swimming vs running. Or, for those historians out there interested in where it all began, have a read through the history of swimming.


Swimming for Beginners

If you are new to the swimming game, don’t be¬†scared off by the thought of the water or the hard strokes because once you master the basics, you’ll be swimming away like there’s no tomorrow! To practise, all you need is a swimming pool and you can find a good sized one at your local gym, specialty swimming enclosures or at a friend’s house. Here is the basic information you want to read through as a beginner swimmer:

  • How to Swim:
  • Swimming Attire:
  • Swimming Benefits:
  • Swimming Tips:

Types of Strokes

We have all sat down and watched the olympics, or any other swimming competitions and thought how do these people master the movements? Swimming strokes seem hard at first but after some practice, they will come naturally! Check out the different types of strokes and how to do each one in detail:

  • Front Crawl:
  • Breast Stroke:
  • Back Crawl:
  • Butterfly:
  • Freestyle:

Swimming Workouts

We have decided to put a twist on the normal swimming routine by creating some swimming workouts aimed for different people. They are a great way to keep fit, get in the pool and have fun! Suitable for all ages, why not give them a try…

  • Swimming Workout for Weight Loss:
  • Swimming Workout for Men:
  • Pregnancy Swimming Workout:
  • Baby Swimming:
  • Swimming Workout for Beginners:
  • Swimming Games: