Tennis is an Olympic racquet sport that can be played indoor or outdoor on a tennis court. Games are played one vs. one (singles) or two vs. two (doubles). What is interesting about tennis is that doubles can be played mixed gender unlike most other sports. It is an ideal sport to play if you want a social yet intensive workout.

It is one of the most popular sports in the world and 79% of schools in the UK now offer tennis on the curriculum. With over 40,000 courts in the UK (which equates to one court for every 1,500 people) there is no excuse not to take part!

 Introduction to Tennis

Where/when did tennis originate? Why is it still so popular today?

Learn the basic rules about scoring a point, the court regulations and the equipment.

Part of the wide recognition of tennis is due to the worldwide tournaments that take place yearly that attract thousands of supporters and create household names of the tennis players that take part.



Tennis Tips

Tennis is a physical and mental sport open to anyone who can hold a racquet. There are many variations of tennis (squash, table tennis, pádel) which are an indication of the enjoyment factor gained from playing this sport. Find advice to help you get started… How to hold a racquet, the different types of shot and techniques to help improve your game!