Swimming as an activity requires appropriate clothing due to it bein done underwater, the risks of being underwater and to make your body as streamline as possible. There are many different pieces of equipment or clothing that you would need for swimming, especially when it comes to your safety.

Depending on your level of experience, you might need more swimming equipment to help you learn how to swim if you are starting swimming for beginners. When you are more experienced, you might want to invest in proper swimming clothing to improve on the types of strokes you are practising.

As a hobby, activity, or competitive sport, swimming is a fantastic way to stay active and improve your fitness. There are many different swimming exercises to get involved in or swimming workouts to try out. Master you swimming technique and have fun!

Swimming Clothing

Whether you are going swimming in your local indoor pool, the gym or your own home, it is important to wear water-friendly clothes that are appropriate for exercising underwater. Here are some of the main pieces of swimming clothing to look out for that can be bought in most sports shops, supermarkets or online:

  • Swimming Costumes: normally referring to women’s one-piece swim suits
  • Swimming Trunks: men’s swimming shorts, loose-fitting and come up above the knee
  • Speedos: men’s swimming attire, tight-fitting and much shorter than trunks
  • Swimming Shoes: water-friendly shoes with grips underneath to be worn inside and outside of the pool
  • Swimming Diapers: special swimming costumes for babies and toddlers

Swimming Equipment

Swimming Accessories

The following lists gives some ideas on additional swimming equipment you might need when learning to swim or to use to improve on your technique. They can also be bought online or in sports shops. When taking swimming lessons, you might be required to have your own of the following:

  • Swimming Goggles: used to keep your eyes open underwater
  • Swimming Cap: covers your head to keep your hair dry and streamline your body
  • Swimming Flippers: worn as shoes underwater to improve your kick and make your body streamline
  • Swimming Flipboard/Floats/Noodles: used to help balance, float and improve your technique
  • Swimming Armbands: helpful for beginners and children
  • Swimming Bricks: used for activities, heavy weights that sink to the bottom of the pool
  • Swimming Nose Clip: if you are uncomfortable or inexperienced breathing underwater