Known to be an intense training workout, the Tabata workout was made to get your muscles working as hard as they can in order for you to see results. Unlike any other type of workouts, this one mixes speed, strength and sweat!

The Tabata woorkout is a form of combining several Tabata exercises in your chosen period of time (usually 4 minutes) and spreading this out over an amount of days to create your own Tabata training programme. It will test your fitness, can be used for weight loss and should be preceded by a good fitness nutrition plan and pre workout.

Tabata Workout for Beginners

If this is a new workout for you, here is some information on what Tabata training consists of:

  • Choose an exercise: kettlebell workout, dumbbell workout, bodybuilding workouts, cardio exercise such as running, push ups/squats/sit ups etc…
  • 20 seconds: intense burst of exercise, work your body hard, do as many of your chosen exercises as possible
  • 10 seconds: resting period after your intense burst
  • Repeat: complete a total of 8 sets of your chosen exercise to make up your completed 4 minutes
  • Lengthen: this is optional, choose a different exercise for another Tabatha workout of 4 minutes and continue, or add a different workout

The Tabata workout has an impact on both your aerobic and anaerobic systems, providing an all-round routine for your body. As this is a tough workout routine, it is recommended for people who regularly engage in exercise. If you are a beginning to working out, try to ease yourself into the process and practise the different exercises separately first before putting them together into a Tabata workout routine.

Check out some specific Tabata workout exercises and some Tabata workout tips for further information.