Have any questions about the Tabata workout? Here is the place where we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the Tabata workout. If you are a beginner at Tabata training, or you have experience with Tabata workout exercises but want to know more, then look below at some of the most popular doubts on the Tabata workout.

How many calories are burnt in a Tabata workout?

Following a study on the Tabata workout held by the American Council for Exercise, the research into this intenste style of training showed that the moderately fit men and women observed during thr study burned around 15 calories a minute during the Tabata workout. That averages around 300 calories during a 20 minute workout session of Tabata training.

How often can you do the Tabata workout?

As the Tabata workout requires you to use almost every part of your body during an intense training session, your body needs between 48-72 hours to recover. This would mean that doing the Tabata workout around 3 times a week for 20 minutes would be an appropriate amount. If you are going to decrease the time, then you can increase how often you exercise.

Tabata Underwater Exercises

Can I do a Tabata workout in the water?

The answer to this is, yes! Of course you can take your Tabata training underwater! There are two main, underwater options to choose from: individual Tabata training or group classes. Check with your local gym or pool, some group training sessions now include Tabata inspired workouts. If you enjoy swimming, the Tabata exercises can either be performed under water, or you can choose a stroke for your 20 second burst of exercise.

How long should a Tabata workout last?

The basic length of a Tabata workout is 4 minutes of high intensity exercise. However, due to its popularity, new versions are constantly being created and some can even last up to an hour. It is advisable that you choose an appropriate length depending on your fitness levels. The average Tabata workout would be around 2-4 rounds of 4 minute sections. If you are training for an event or have been advised to exercise for longer by your trainer, then it can last around 40 minutes.