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What are the benefits of Pilates?

How can Pilates help you?



Does Pilates increase strength?

Pilates aims to create a strong core. The muscles of the back, abdomen and pelvic area are targeted and strengthened to create a robust, supportive frame for our body. The good thing about Pilates as opposed to other workouts is that the muscles are stretched and elongated – improving the elasticity of the muscles and reducing the chance of injury.

Will Pilates help me lose weight?

A one hour Pilates workout will burn a reasonable amount of calories as you strengthen and stretch. Although if you are looking to lose a lot of weight then think about incorporating a few cardiovascular exercises into your weekly routine. Pilates is a great way to increase self esteem which is closely linked with weight loss …the happier you are, the more positive outlook you have to succeed!

Can Pilates allow me to achieve a toned body?

Certainly! Pilates is known for changing the appearance of the body to create a long, lean appearance. It defines the stomach muscles to create flat abdominals, sculps the waist and shoulders and tones the thigh and bum. As Pilates is a total body exercise the results are visible from head to foot.

Does Pilates help reduce back pain?

If you have stronger muscles to support your back then there is less chance of pain or developing bad habits, like slouching. Because Pilates concentrates on the ‘core’ muscles the benefits are definitely felt in your back and seen in your posture. Eventually you will develop an understanding of proper alignment and how to protect your back from injury by using your body correctly.

Will I feel positive both mentally and physically?

You will learn how to coordinate the body, mind and spirit to work together. The integration of body and mind means you are always aware of the way the body moves. Coordination is enhanced and you will gain the most benefit out of your workout. As you begin to breathe properly you will notice the reduction of stress levels and the endorphins released will cause your mind and body to feel more positive.


Pilates for a healthy lifestyle!


What benefits can I expect in everyday life?

  • Increase in energy levels
  • Optimum performance by internal organs
  • Reduction of cholesterol and lower blood pressure
  • Reduces risk of sports related injury






Fit for Pilates?

Is Pilates suitable for you?


The great thing about Pilates is that workouts can be tailored to any age, capability or fitness level. The basic positions of Pilates are simple and easy to learn and provide a good basic knowledge for the more advanced positions. People with less mobility can make the most of the mat work that primarily uses sitting, lying and standing positions. As the movements are gentle and slow each person can find a pace comfortable for them. It is suitable for anyone who wants to improve posture, stability, muscle tone and mentality.


Pilates for back pain

Pilates helps strengthen the weak muscles and stretch those which are tense. In regards to the spine this helps the back improve in both posture and health. Over time, habits that could potentially damage the spine are replaced as the awareness of one’s body increases and the positions that promote neutral alignment become habitual.


Pilates for athletes

Many athletes practice Pilates to compliment their training regime. Cardio is good for weight loss but it is necessary to create supple and strengthened muscles in order to succeed. The New Zealand All Blacks are advocates of the method. It helps to prepare the body to cope better with injury and to develop higher levels of stamina, strength and co-ordination so performance is at a peak level. Every athlete has to warm-up before taking part in a sport/event and Pilates is just a developed series of stretches.


Remember experienced tutors can personalise workouts so that the exercise is custom-made toward the individual to maximise long term benefits.