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Fitness Diet

A fitness diet is not about starving yourself or cutting out major food groups for the quickest results. A fitness diet is different to other diets and not only will it help with weight loss but it will help with building muscle and improving fitness.

Fitness diets will encourage you to eat more of the important fitness food in order for your body to do well in fitness exercises and workouts.

What is a Fitness Diet

A fitness diet means thinking about every aspect of eating and consumption that you need to do during a fitness plan.

As well as thinking about what you should be eating for each meal in the day, a fitness diet requires you to think about what to eat for working out, whether it is before, after or during:

  • Whole wheat toast with sliced banana and cinnamon (before)
  • Grilled chicken with roasted mixed vegetables (after)
  • Greek yogurt with granola and fruit (before)
  • Drink water for shorter workouts and sports drinks for longer sessions (during)
  • Salmon with sweet potatoe (after)
  • Oatmeal with fresh fruit (before)
  • Energy bars, only for longer sessions of exercise (during)

See fitness tips for further details and information.



Fitness Nutrition

When considering your health and fitness levels, there are many things to consider. For example, what fitness food to eat and what fitness exercises are the best to stay active. However, your fitness nutrition plays an important role in planning what to eat and how to eat it.

Nutrition involves not only the food you eat but how you digest it as well. As a guidance for those starting off on the fitness journey, your fitness plan should include around 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week of training, and your fitness diet should contain mostly carbohydrates (60%) in addition to fats and protein (10-30%) and a little bit of everything else (10%).

What To Eat

Going through diets can take a lot of time and hard decisions chosing which one is best. If you are simply interested in maintaining a healthy body and want some basic help, then read the following suggestions:

  • A big variety of fruits and vegetables spread throughout the day as part of your main meal or light snacks.
  • Stay consistent in your fibre intake.
  • Make sure the majority of your grains are whole grains!
  • Vary what you eat and the dishes you make between the food groups (e.g. meat/eggs/dairy/seafood/nuts).

How To Eat

It might sound simple at first, but the way you organize your meals plays a role in your fitness; the time you eat, how much you eat, and how often you eat:

  • When cooking, try to use fresh and local products
  • Cooking meals at home rather than eating out is not only cheaper but healthier!
  • Don’t just worry about what you eat, think about the beverages you are drinking too.
  • Include foods from all the food groups, try not to exclude.
  • Eat enough to make you feel satisfied without feeling overly full.

Click here for more fitness tips!



Fitness Food

Fitness foods need to be included in your organisation process when thining about a fitness plan. Your fitness nutrition plays a huge part and you should be eating foods that are going to benefit you and your workouts – look at our example fitness exercises. Some people decide to go on diets, or worry about weight loss, but your levels of fitness need everything to be in moderation.

Best Fitness Food

The following suggested fitness foods each have their own benefits and you should try to include them within meals or between meals as healthy snacks:

  • Olive oil: rich in monounsaturated fat, good for your heart
  • Eggs: contain muscle-building amino acids
  • Milk: packed with multiple benefits such as calcium, protein and and natural sugar
  • Sweet potatoe: rich in iron, fibre and vitamins
  • Nuts: particularly Brazil nuts and almonds, full of fibre, protein and vitamins
  • Broccoli: bursting with antioxidants and nutrients
  • Blueberries: rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins, also low in calories
  • Salmon: great source of protein and full of omega-3

Foods to Avoid

Here are some things that could damage your fitness routine:

  • Drinks high in sugar (coke, flavoured water, some juices)
  • Salt: less is better
  • Solid fats: use vegetable or extra virgin olive oil as replacement for butter
  • High alcohol consumption

For more information, visit fitness tips.


Greek Yogurt and Feta Dip Recipe

Our recipe for a greek yogurt with feta dip is perfect to accompany any of our diets and is good for weight loss as well as simply a healthy snack.

We recommend this healthy snack during any time of the day and it can be eaten with crackers, wholemeal bread or vegetable sticks. The perfect option for those wanting to improve their health and fitness.


This greek yogurt and feta dip recipe can be made according to how may servings you need and can be adjusted how you like with extra ingredietns:

  • Greek yogurt
  • Reduced-fat mayonnaise
  • Tomato-basil feta cheese
  • Fresh Parsley (plus other herbs)
  • Sliced vegetables (e.g. carrots, cucumber), crackers or bread


The preparation time for this healthy snack of a yogurt feta dip should take between 5-10 minutes:

  • Mix ingredients in a bowl. The consistency you like must be adjusted by adding water to thin it, more cheese to thicken it or more yogurt to make it creamier.
  • Cut vegetgables/bread or crackers and serve.





Spinach Salad with Chicken Recipe

The perfect option if you are considering one of our diets, this spinach and chicken salad recipe is a popular choice. It can be altered to what you like and what you don’t. It is great for those worried about weight loss or their fitness and health.

For a healthy diet or a balanced diet, this is a good option for a healthy meal or even a smaller sized portion can be used as a healthy snack. For the protein diet, the low carb diet or the 1200 calorie diet this should be one of your principal meals.


What you choose to put in your spinach salad with chicken (serving 4) is completely your choice, however, this is a basic recipe that is tasty on its own but you can add extra ingredients if you wish:

  • 1 bag of chopped spinach
  • Cherry tomatoes (or any other kind)
  • 2 chicken breasts
  • 1 avocado (and any other vegetable you want to add)
  • 1/3 cup of toasted pine nuts
  • Crumbled goat or feta cheese
  • Herbs and spices


Making a spinach and chicken salad is not too complicated and without the chicken will take you 5-10 minutes. Depending on how you want to make the chicken (smoked/roasted/grilled) depends on personal preference:

  • Prepare the chicken, marinade with spices and herbs or how you prefer, and cook in your preferred way: roasted, grilled or smoked.
  • Place the spinach in a bowl and slowly layer your salad with the vegetables you have chosen.
  • Add seasoning and spices according to personal taste, as well as your chosen salad dressing that can be added all at once at the end or gradually as you layer your salad.

If you have left-overs, add your chicken and spinach salad to a healthy pitta or wrap!


Grilled Salmon with Brown Rice Recipe

This grilled salmon with brown rice recipe can include vegetables as well and is usually a good dinner meal. It is perfect for those on a healthy diet or balanced diet, and escpecially good if you are on a protein diet or 1200 calorie diet.

Have a look at our pages on different diets, weight loss and fitness for more information on staying healthy and taking care of your body.


These are the main ingredients you will need for your grilled salmon and brown rice (serves 2):

  • 1/2 cup brown rice
  • 2 salmon fillets
  • Rosemary, coriander and any other herbs you wish to add
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice OR sliced lemon
  • Vegetables


How to cook your grilled salmon and brown rice, usually takes 30 minutes:

  • Cook the rice according to personal preference or packet instructions. Usually place rice in boiling water and leave to simmer or steam.
  • Preheat the barbeque or grill on high heat for your salmon.
  • Place the salmon in foil, add the herbs and lemon juice plus any addition seasonings, fold the foil on either side to make an enclosed packet.
  • Place the salmon on the grill (in the foil) and let it cook for around 10 minutes. Turn it over and grill on the other side for about 5 minutes. Repeat with shorter time periods until the salmon is opaque.
  • Steam vegetables and serve with the rice and salmon.

1200 Calorie Diet

A low calorie diet such as this 1200 calorie diet should be taken according to your gender, age and weight as this is how calorie intake is judged for an individual person.

With any of our diets we recommend a healthy lifetyle that includes regular exercise and health checks to make sure you are not putting your body in danger. Calorie related diets even more-so need to be monitored, especially according to your weight. Thinking about weight loss during a low calorie diet can be dangerous if not done properly.

Always do your research and speak to a medical professional before deciding on taking a diet.

Low Calorie Diet Risks

The figure of 1,200 calories is something more recommendable for women as they have a lower minimum calorie intake, for men it is usually 1,800. A 1200 calorie diet is not applicable to anyone and is extremely dependable on other factors like your BMI. If you try a low calorie diet on your own you could be putting your health at risk. This diet plan also means you might be decreasing amounts of important nutrients your body needs which can lead to side affects such as fatigue and diarrhea.

1200 Calorie Diet Plan

There will be varieties in diet plans for a low calorie diet, but mathematically speaking it makes most sense to spread your 1,200 calories. Each main meal should try to equal 300 calories with an added 300 left for snack (whole and unprocessed!) and drinks throughout the day.

  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs on wholewheat toast with avocado, bran flakes with fruit and fat-free milk
  • Lunch: roast beef and salad on a wholemeal wrap, vegetable soup and crackers, chicken salad
  • Dinner: baked crumbed fish with sweet potato wedges, basil and walnut pesto spaghetti with cherry tomatoes
  • Snacks: yogurt with berries, veggie sticks with hummus, crackers and cottage cheese

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet requires more effort than most other diets because it is constructed on what you eat/drink, how you eat/drink and the inclusion of exercise or daily activities. More information is available at weight loss tips.

What to Eat on a Healthy Diet

This is the simplest part of a healthy diet – making sure you eat what you should. There are 5 main parts to a healthy diet:

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Water
  • Whole grain
  • Protein

Everything you eat should be consumed in moderation.

How to Eat on a Healthy Diet

This might not be so obvious, but how you eat can make a difference and improve your healthy diet. For example:

  • Think about serving sizes and try going for smaller portions during each meak to avoid over-indulging
  • Eat with other people: it’s social, encourages sharing plates and is proven to avoid over eating which can occur when watching tv/a computer at the same time
  • Sometimes it is not hunger that you are feeling but thirst, so try drinking before going all out on a big meal
  • Eat slowly to help digestion and so your brain can process how full you are getting
  • Avoid eating late at night, digestion occurs best when your body is at its highest levels of energy
  • Throughout the day, try eating periodically to keep up your metabolism
  • Do not skip breakfast!

Exercising on a Healthy Diet

Keeping active can help you to maintain weight loss or simply improve your health and it doesn’t always necessarily mean spending hours in the gym. Other options include:

  • Walking more: getting of the bus or train a stop early, taking the dog for a walk, even walking around a shopping mall!
  • Start a new exercise class: there are many new and creative options out there
  • Maintain activity levels: instead of sitting in front of the tv try doing yoga stretches while watching your favourite show
  • Sleep well: get a good night’s sleep so feel more refreshed and active the next day



Weight Loss Motivation

It happens to us all. Getting lazy or leaving something ¨for tomorrow¨, but you shouldn’t let this happen when it comes to staying healthy and looking after your body. Whether you are researching diets or thinking about weight loss, it can be easy to lose faith and remain pessamistic. Hopefully what you are about to read will help you overcome that and stay on track!

Thinking About Weight Loss

Keep the following in mind if you are starting, or have already starting, a new diet plan (for weight loss or not):

  • Understand clearly your motive and why you are doing what you are doing, what exactly is your goal?
  • Track your progress so you can see exactly how you are doing, some results aren’t visible on the outside
  • Have a visual image for how you want to see yourself
  • Get rid of any emotional demons holding you back and any self-criticisms you are holding on to
  • If you are planning on attending exercise classes, pay for them in advance because this will force yourself to go when having a lazy day
  • Get friends or family members involved in your weight loss plan or organise one together, reinforcement from people who know you can be helpful
  • Keep positive! Your mental attitude has an influential power over your actions
  • Include things that make you happy and that you love: if working out, do it to music you enjoy and if dieting, include fruits or your favourite vegetables in your dishes

Grapefruit Diet

The grapefruit diet is a famous American diet that has lasted for many decades. It is based on claims that the citrus fruit contains an enzyme that helps burn fat, persuading dieters that they can achieve considerable weight loss in 10-12 days.

Although grapefruit can be counted as one of your five-a-day, as a citrus fruit it can be harmful to consume it in excess. This diet plan should be avoided by those allergic to citrus fruits or those who take regular medication that could potentially be dangerous when mixed with the acid from the grapefruit.

Many diets come with a few health risks so it is always advisable to speak to a doctor before starting any diet plans.

What is the Grapefruit Diet?

The grapefruit diet plan consists of consuming 1/2 a grapefruit at the beginning of any meal in the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. According to experts, it will only be effective if eaten beforehand because the enzymes in the grapefruit will activate burning the fat from your meal.

The diet plan advises you not to cut out anything from your diet except sugars and starch; you can eat as much as you want and until you are feeling full. It also recommends that you avoid snacking in between meals.

In substitute for eating grapefruit before every meal, some variations of the grapefruit diet suggest drinking grapefruit juice during every meal.