The art of swimming is found in the different swimming strokes. Swimming consists of 5 main types of strokes that are considered official and are included in main sporting events and the Olympics. Here you will find information and descriptions about each one to help you master them and decide which ones you enjoy the most.

Once you have learnt how to swim, and focused on some important swimming techniques, then you are ready to explore the different strokes. Swimming for beginners is how everyone starts out and improves through practice. You might want to try some different swimming exercises at first before moving onto the more complicated strokes. If you are already an experienced swimmer then take a look at our swimming workouts for an alternative.

Different Swimming Strokes

The following types of strokes are the most popular and important ones in the world of swimming. Once you have tried each one, you should focus on what you enjoy most. Swimming is a great activity for weight loss or fitness, and can also be enjoyed as a fun hobby for both children and adults.

  • Front Crawl: one of the first strokes you will learn, alternative arm movements while swimming on your front
  • Breaststroke: the slowest of strokes, alternative leg and arm movements with more bend
  • Backstroke: the only stroke swum on your back, alternative arm movements
  • Butterfly: most complicated stroke involving a different style of kick and synchronous arm movements
  • Freestyle: a category of swimming style used in competitions

Take a look at our swimming tips for more detailed help and advice.

Swimming Diagram