There are many weight loss foods out there that are beneficial for us, yet we are clueless to the usefulness they have on our bodies. We all understand that fruit and vegetables are integral to our diets, something that was drilled into our brains from a young age. However, to think more creatively, the following foods have interesting benefits that could help you whether you are interested in weight loss or healthier eating.

Healthy Foods

The following list of healthy foods can be included in a lunch or dinner, you can combine them in a healthy snack or try adding the things you like from the list to your usual breakfast. If you are planning on losing weight then restrict your diet plan to these weight loss foods and whatever is suggested in the diet itself, combine these ingredients how you prefer if you simply just want to keep healthy.

  • Mushrooms: low in calories and fat, added to a meal as a replacement to protein can still make the dish filling
  • Beans: high in protein with no saturdated fat, high in fibre, give you the full feeling for longer (kidney, black etc)
  • Eggs: boost power, filling addition to a dish, healthy snack
  • Oats: rich in fiber, boost metabolism, burns fat
  • Soup: filling with less calories, helps to start a meal with a broth-based soup, you will eat less and be more satisfied
  • Green tea: full of antioxidants
  • Lentils: good source of protein and fibre
  • Dark chocolate: slows down digestion keeping you fuller for longer, recommended in small portions