If you want to lose weight in a week and are just looking for a quick fix then look at one of our weight loss diets. If you are trying to improve on your body and lead a healthy lifestyle then read on.

Some diets can be good for you and help you realise what you should be eating, but the best way to lose weight is not to do it as quick as possible, but to create a lifestyle regime that you can stick to. Weight loss is something that should be taken seriously and discussed before making any changes to your lifestyle.

Healthy Eating

Here are some health tips you can apply to you daily diet:

  • Water, water water – it has no calories, endless positive effects and you can add fruit and vegetables to make it good for detoxing (e.g. water with fresh lemon, water with mint and strawberry etc)
  • Cut out white grain – switch to eating brown bread, whole wheat pasta etc…
  • Healthy meals – try to include one protein (meat/fish/egg), one fat source (butter/oilve oil) and one low-carb vegetable (broccoli/cauliflower/spinach/kale) in each meal
  • Substitute your favourite things – make subtle changes to meals you love, for example if you enjoy greasy pizza try making homemade pizza on a thin base with healthier toppings

Healthy Exercise

Here are some active tips for exersing to improve your lifestyle:

  • Cardio activity – half an hour cardio workouts a day, or 3-4 longer workouts a week
  • Simple exercises – create a puch-up or sit-up routine before bed and when you wake up
  • Try something new – go to a yoga class, go for a run on the beach, rock climbing etc…
  • Stretching is important – before and after exercise, or simply at home to keep your muscles activated

Extra Advice

A few simple things that might help you to stay healthy and lose weight:

  • Get a good nights sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Try eating on a smaller plate – might be pyschological but is proven to help you dish smaller portions that still fill you
  • Add healthy foods rather than subtracting parts of your diet
  • Think about alternative exercise – washing the car, throwing a frisbee with¬†your dog, playing with your children in the park, anything that keeps you active without being strenuous
  • When eating out, perhaps share a few lighter plates rather than having a full meal to yourself