One of the most popular workout routines, an ab workout focuses on this specific part of your core structure, your abdominal muscles, in one of the following intense workouts. Keeping your muscles healthy is important for your health and fitness.

People often think about abs as a “show-off” part of the body, which can be true, but it should not be neglected outside of the summer season. Your stomach area is an important strength section that provides you with posture, digestion and self-esteem. Many people worry about flabby tummies and here is where you can say goodbye to yours!

Also think about alternating between an ab workout and perhaps bicep workouts or leg workouts to get your whole body working. For some specific ideas on how to focus on your ab muscles, check out our suggested regimes.

Ab Workout Plans

An ab workout can be done specifically or as part of a more general core workout:

Health and Fitness

Having a workout routine is good, but we recommend you also take into account the following:

  • Weight Loss: whether you want to workout for weight loss or general fitness, take a look at some advice and information to keep your body safe and healthy
  • Fitness Diet: what you eat is as important as how you exercise so make sure you get all the nutrients you need for healthier and stronger muscles from the food you are consuming
  • Fitness Plan: if you are struggling to organise your meals with your exercise routines then you should take a look at our suggestions on the best way to combine the two
  • Fitness Tips: this page will help with you with any doubts you may have, provide you with advice on your fitness and hopefully motivate you to get started!