A kettlebell workout is a very popular and effective exercise routine that people use for their health and fitness. It is just one of the many types of workouts you might want to choose from. Great for building muscle, weight loss and toning your body, it helps you keep in shape and can be altered to you preferences.

Whether you want to use the kettlebell workout as an addition to another fitness workout, or simply want to practise a few exercises on their own, have a look at our information below and have a go at our suggestions!

Kettlebell Training

The great thing about using the kettlebell as part of your workout is that there are plenty of exercises to choose from depending on your level of skills and the intenstity at which you want to exercise. It is also really easy to fit in a few reps before work, or at home.

  • Kettlebell Exercises: suggestions of different specific exercises you can do with a kettlebell, targets different muscles in your body and are easy to fit into your busy schedule, the only equipment required is one or two kettlebells!
  • Kettlebell Workout Routine: ideas on workout routines that you can change for your comfort, some kettlebell routines are based on kettlebell exercises alone whilst others include other fitness exersises.
  • Kettlebell Workout Tips: tips, advice and questions answered on various topics related to the kettlebell, any doubts you may have are resolved here.

This is a great option for people who have busy schedules and find it hard to workout as you can choose a few kettlebell exercises to create a 5-10 minute workout routine. If you are looking for an intense workout then the kettlebell exercises can be combined with other activities for a longer and fuller workout.

If you want a workout routine that is more flexible for you, then this one is perfect!