The Tabata workout is an example of High Intensity Interval Training that was discovered by the Japanese scientisit, Dr Tabata. Depending on your levels of fitness and the kind of workouts you enjoy, the Tabata workout is typically 4 minutes long but can be extended up to 45 minutes.

Always bear in mind that a pre-workout is important before starting any other exercise, and especially crucial for high intensity routines such as the Tabata workout.

Tabata Workout Routine

The Tabatha workout has an impact on both your aerobic and anaerobic systems, providing an all-round routine for your body. It is considered to be more appropriate for regular exercisers as it is an intense training routine, however beginners are welcomed and should read through all the following information before starting:

  • Tabata Training: all you need to know to get started with a Tabata workout, how it is structured and details on what it includes
  • Tabata Workout Exercises: different exercises you can include in your workout routine or descriptions of some that will inspire you to do what you want, it is a felxible workout that you can tailor to yourself
  • Tabata Workout Tips: answers to some popular questions and doubts that people have about the Tabata workout

Whether you don’t have enough time in the day to fit in a lengthy workout, you simply want to change your workout routine or you need to give your body an intense boost of exercise, the Tabata workout can help.

Remember to fit in a pre workout beforehand to prepare your body for exercise and take a look at some information available on fitness food and fitness nutrition to make sure you are supplying your muscles with the energy and nutrients it needs.