Yoga equipment, like yoga clothes, has become as big of a craze as yoga itself. Yoga was never intended to be a fashionable and trendy way of life, in the history of yoga people would only need their bodies and minds. Today, however, is slightly different. Although yoga equipment is not as expensive as other sports or exercises, it is handy to have a few things with you especially when doing yoga for beginners.

If you are already a pilates expert, and have surpassed the yoga vs pilates debate, some of the equipment you might already have can be useful. For practising yoga at home, a comfy surface in theory is all that you need, but for the more advanced levels of yoga and for different types of yoga you might need some of the yoga accessories mentioned below. For yoga classes, most yoga studios will have equipment you can borrow but it is always good to check or bring your own.

It would be especially useful to make sure you had some of the following things if you are doing pregnancy yoga poses or yoga poses for beginners, just to help support your body and reach the positions safely.

Yoga Accessories

Yoga is quite a low-maintenance activity as not much is required in terms of equipment or demand. Most of the yoga equipment you need can be sufficient with things you can find lying around the house. However, recently there has been an increase in yoga shops and retailers extending their brand into workout and yoga equipment. This might be a good place to start looking if you want top of the range or funky and designer yoga accessories.

  • Yoga mat: the most important piece of equipment, you can’t do yoga on a hard floor, the sticky yoga mat provides padding and friction for safety when doing yoga positions
  • Yoga mat bag: an accessory for the yoga mat, can come invarious designs and patterns or even made at home, useful if you are travelling to and from yoga classes
  • Foam blocks: used for beginners mainly and for advanced yoga moves, should be able to support your full weight, good for poses where your hand can’t reach the floor, helps with alignment
  • Straps and belts: made of cotton or nylon, extend your reach, help to align your back and stretch certain muscles in different poses
  • Blankets and towels: mostly used for your own comfort, to help in rest positions, for before and after comfort and if you get sweaty during your exercise

Good news is that yoga is usually done barefoot so no expensive trainers are needed, however for your own comfort you can get special yoga socks with grip. Now that the shopping is out of the way, have a look at the yoga benefits you can achieve!