The main art of yoga is in the yoga poses that make up the sequences during a session. Although focusing on your mind and soul is important as well, your body is the main piece of yoga equipment needed and the vital part to your yoga journey. Yoga poses, also known as yoga asanas, are infinite. You can find several different options depending on what types of yoga you are interested in and perhaps the reason you have chosen to take up yoga for beginners or as someone experienced in the craft.

The yoga industry has become so popular and widespread throughout the world, with increasing brands for yoga clothes and the need for new and current yoga music, that people often forget about the history of yoga and how important it is to master the yoga poses themselves. It is only with practising these positions and moves that you will only truly be able to reap the yoga benefits.

Types of Yoga Poses

Whether you are recovering from an injury, feeling pain or want a way to relax, there are several different yoga postures for each reason. Some yoga positions are applicable to more than one category, while others are great for targeting specific areas of the body. Have a browse through all the different ones to find what you are looking for:

  • Yoga Poses for Back: if you have back pain, are recovering from an injury, or even for pregnancy pains, these positions should help ease the back area
  • Yoga Poses for Hips: whether you want to improve your flexibility or are in need of some pregnancy relief and preparation, take a look at the hip postures
  • Yoga Poses for Weight Loss: some positions that will help you shed a few pounds, make sure to get a routine going!
  • Yoga Poses for Kids: a fun actvity for the little ones, whether you are an instructor or want to do something new with your kdis, have a look at these yoga ideas
  • Yoga Poses for Beginners: newbie introduction poses and help for those that are just beginning with the yoga journey
  • Pregnancy Yoga Poses: advice and poses for those doing yoga while pregnant

Remember to stay safe while doing yoga, if you feel unusual movements or are uncomfortable in a position, talk to a medical professional before continuing.